While studying English for your IELTS, TOEIC, or TOEFL test here in Davao City, it is important to take a break once in a while and have fun. Aside from being able to make beautiful memories with your new found friends in the city, it also introduces you to the wonders of Filipino culture, and helps in applying what you learned by communicating to other people.


Here are several places in Davao City that you can visit:

Malagos Garden Resort

Photo taken during Handuraw sa Baul 2017, a yearly arts and music festival in Davao.

If you’re the nature lover, then this place is for you. This place, located around an hour away from the flutter of downtown Davao, is not just an ordinary wildlife farm. Aside from its majestic landscape and a variety of animals, this place also has activities for everyone from swings for kids to wall climbing for the adventurous and giant Jenga for adults. In addition to having fun, this place is educational as well, with their butterfly and chocolate museums—you can even prepare your own chocolates! If you’re tired and hungry, you can rest and dine at their pavilion where they serve tasty hot cocoa and Filipino dishes. This place is definitely one for those who loves adventure and experience a lot of things!


Malagos Garden Resort

If you want to experience culture and learn about the history of Davao while staying at the heart of the city, then take a visit here. Museo Dabawenyo is home to Davao’s rich history and diverse cultural heritage. Divided into four sections: the Indigenous People’s Gallery where a collection of arts, crafts, musical instruments, weapons and the like made by the different tribes who lived in the Davao is presented, the Moro People’s Gallery where a collection of miniature houses, lamps, boats, musical instruments, chairs, weapons, armors and crowns used by the Muslim people in Mindanao is showcased, the Contemporary Gallery where a collection of classic and modern designs from wood carvings to paintings among many others is shown, and the Memorabilia Gallery where a collection of olden day clothes, bills (money), musical notes, porcelains and many more are displayed. This place widens your horizon and lets you see the wonders of the Davaoeño culture.


Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant

Tired from the adventures you had throughout the day and want a place to rest, eat good food and see the magnificent view of Davao? Then this place is perfect for you! This place sitting on a high mountain slope gives you an overview of Davao City and the Gulf of Davao. It also serves an assortment of dishes from Davao’s ihaw-ihaw specialties and other Filipino dishes, to European gourmet dishes. You can also relax in their resort and indulge yourselves with the scenic view of the city. This is definitely the place for those who want to de-stress themselves.

Labeled as one of the safest cities, Davao City doesn’t only provide security but also a diversity of places to visit and activities to engage yourselves into. Life is definitely here in Davao City – and learning in DLA is a testament to that. In DLA, your learning experience is always the first priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun right?

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