Have you ever been in a classroom, and you just couldn’t concentrate on your teacher’s lectures? The class is noisy; the heat, unbearable. You are sweating and your shirt has stuck to your skin like a piece of tape. Your eyes dart in and out of the room, looking for something to help you think. Everything seems blurred, and the textbook in front of you seem like they contain nothing more but unintelligible signs and scribbles. Sounds familiar, right?

Classrooms like these aren’t uncommon, even in the 21st century, and it has contributed a lot to the barriers students face when it comes to their education. A student’s learning environment is one of the most important factors when it comes to his or her learning experience. In fact, the learning environment stresses the importance of providing an environment (not only physical, social and psychological) can engage in different learning activities and work towards attaining high standards of learning.

Well, as you would expect, DLA provides just that! Our facilities are fantastic and are definitely well-suited for learning. Our school is well-ventilated and cool because of the fantastically planned air-conditioning system. Our school recognizes the value peace and quiet for learning lessons and studying after class. All rooms for stay-in students are always kept clean, tidy and quiet, so they can study all they want and not be disturbed by anyone.

DLA practices fun in learning, but it also regards the need of students for peace and quiet so they can absorb their lessons well. Study with us, and for sure, you will have a learning experience you will never forget!

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