“Beware of monotony; it’s the mother of all deadly sins.”

– Edith Wharton, Age of Innocence

It’s summertime, you have nothing to do but kill time. You stay in front of your phone all day, scrolling up and down social media, a glass lens whose pixels cooperate with each other to show you what your friends and family are up to. After that, you sleep. And after that, you eat.

And the cycle continues.

In this case, I think it’s quite clear that you’re case can be summarized in two words: a slump.

Technically speaking, a slump means:

But being “in a slump” as an expression means something like a form of continuous stagnancy or drop of quality.

Being in a slump is obviously bad news. Days come and go without any sign of improvement, and soon enough a thick blanket of unproductivity comes and envelopes you in a hug that’s wuite difficult to get out of.

But don’t worry, you can overcome that blanket. Try your best to wake up and set up a list of things to do today. Set small, achievable goals, and see that you actually follow up on those goals.

If you like to draw, the draw one piece a day. If you like to play instruments, try learning one song a day. If you like languages, then try to memorize one foreign word or phrase a day, and so on.

Time is the only thing you cannot bring back. Use it wisely and use it to widen your knowledge, practice your skills, and make the world a little bit better everyday.

There’s so much you can do. Get off the confines of your little bed and unleash your full potential.

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