About Us
Started by an English language professor with decades of experience teaching in Japanese universities, Davao Language Academy offers an intimate learning environment for English language learners.

It is located on a hilltop residential community in Davao, called GSIS, Matina, in the center of the city. It is 10 minutes away from Davao’s best malls, shopping centers and cultural landmarks. Despite being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, our location has a panoramic view of Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines and the surrounding Davao Bay. It is also quite breezy and the city lights at night are a marvel to watch. With DLA you will be able to enjoy the convenience of being in the city center, while still being able to enjoy the quiet surroundings of the neighborhood.

Because of the small scale school environment, students can develop trusting and close relationships with their teachers who are able to attend to the individual needs of each student. Davao City is the safest city in the Philippines, but the school staff make sure students are secure and safe in their daily activities. Because we are like a family, we will drive you around the city, take you shopping in our van and pick you up from wherever you are in the city.

Our van can take you to interesting places, farms, parks, beaches, markets and malls in the city. Davao is the food basket of the Philippines. The best foods are affordable, even for those who have a tight budget, and are available everywhere.

You can also enjoy fresh and affordable exotic fruits like durian, mangosteen, rambutan and lanzones, among many others, as Davao Region is one of the country’s biggest fruit producing region. We also own a cacao farm where students can stay and experience making 100% cacao chocolate. Davao City was created by the Japanese at the turn of the 20th century, and as such, there is a strong connection between Davao and Japan. Many second and third generation Japanese live in Davao.

We are ready to serve your every need as you attend to your main goal of acquiring English language skills. Our teachers are young and dynamic. They are well-trained teachers who are passionate about what they do.

We’ll make your study time feel like a vacation. Come and enroll at Davao Language Academy now!


Location History
Have you heard of Davao City? This metropolis of 2 million people is located in the Southeastern Philippines and is the fruit capital of the country with its fertile soil and lush vegetation. Despite being a bustling, industrialized city, Davao remains home to huge banana, pineapple and cacao plantations, and being a typhoon-free area, all kinds of crops are grown all year round. Furthermore, Davao City’s land area is the largest among Philippine cities, and it includes thriving small farms which supply the city’s fresh food needs. In the center of the metropolis are numerous world class shopping malls, all of which are accessible from DLA. Aside from that, there is also a wide range of choices of restaurants and cafes for those with very delicate palates that serve Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, European and local cuisines.

Davao City’s land area is the largest among Philippine cities, and it includes thriving small farms which supply the city’s fresh food needs. In the center of the metropolis are numerous world class shopping malls. There is also a wide range of choices of restaurants and cafes for those with very delicate palates. Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, European and local cuisines are just a few of the diverse eateries in the city. To unwind on weekends, there are resorts and spas of all kinds to visit which have amenities to please all kinds of guests.

Night life beckons to those who enjoy dancing and singing or just hanging out with friends. You can choose to have a night out and just go around the city to witness the city life, or you can go to more secluded places like Shrine Hills and see the wonderful city life from above.

Davao is amazing! In your stay with DLA, you will not only learn, you will also have fun memories to bring back home.

Our Company
Being small is a splendid thing indeed. We are able to attend to our students’ every singular need. They need not think about laundry as our dedicated staff will do it for them. Our meals are served three times a day even on weekends and on holidays. Ours is not strictly a business, we make sure students are safe and comfortable as they study English and try to reach their goals.

The school has an in-house driver who takes students to wherever they want to go after school and waits to drive them back to their place of accommodation. We are the only school in the Philippines which offers a limited homestay arrangement. The homestay family lives close to the school and thus, it is convenient for the students. Students are never left on their own as they try to do anything related to their study needs. They may want to visit a slum or do volunteer work; we assist them every step of the way.

They may want to do academic work on business concepts in Davao; we have contacts to make this happen. For students interested in academic research, we make sure they get the data necessary to complete their academic undertaking from conceptualizing a research project to preparation, to execution and to the final writing of an academic research paper.

In short, we are here to serve students` every desire to broaden their horizons and improve their English language competence.Our rates are competitive and for those interested, please send email inquiries to davaolanguageacademy@gmail.com.

Come one, come all.

Our Curriculum
The DLA advantage is it is a small-family type school which attends to individual needs of students. Each study program is tailored to the English study goals of individual students. Students may study from one week up to one year, depending on what they hope to accomplish.

Our program allows students one-on-one lessons of up to 8 hours a day. We tailor our program to the individual preferences of students. Group lessons could be beneficial for certain types of students and we, therefore, offer group lessons of up to 4 hours a day. The number is limited to a maximum number of 4 students, thus allowing for each student the chance to participate actively in the class tasks.

We also take students to meet local university students for real-life interactions. Available programs of study are TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Academic English in preparation for a university abroad program.

Occupation-specific English in preparation for a job assignment. Travel English for young and old.

Courses Offered
English as a
second language
International English
Language Testing
The Test of English as
a Foreign Language
The Test of English For

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