Work Smart, Study Smart: A Short Guide to Studying

Studying for the IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL can be time-consuming, mind-boggling, and life-changing. The intensive lessons might end up with you losing your motivation, or cause you anxiety, but in a lot of times, the odds goes in your favor and everything goes smoothly. Nonetheless, studying hard is not enough to succeed but also you must learn how to study effectively. To help you, here are 5 study tips to get your head in the game and succeed on your path:

  • Study a little every day
    Reviewing your notes of the day for at least 30 minutes after class is better than cramming the entire lesson plan in one night. It helps move the lessons that you’ve learned from short-term memory to long-term memory. It is also important to take a break in the middle for 10-15 minutes in order to recharge your brain.
  • Study in a distraction-free place
    Most of the time, people fail to study because they get distracted by the sound of a notification coming from their phones, or the sound of the television, or the noise of people talking. Find a quiet place where you can study and keep your hands off on anything that could get your attention so that you can focus properly and be able to absorb knowledge effectively.
  • Manage your time properly
    Too much time for studying can be stressful for your brain and too much leisure or rest can make your brain sluggish. Learn to manage your time so that you would have enough time for studying, for leisure, and for rest.
  • Communicate
    Is there a part of the lesson that was unclear to you? Do you need help with a certain topic? Then talk about it with your teacher or classmates. Don’t be shy to ask help from them. Remember, they are not just there to accompany you but also to help you with your studies. But don’t be too dependent on them, you still have to do most of the hardwork.
  • Don’t let a bad grade let you down
    Had a rough day? Did you have a bad result in your quiz or exam? Don’t let it keep you on the rocks. Let this serve as a lesson for you to be better or maybe improve your study habits. Check on your mistakes and study on the answers that you got wrong so that you would be able to get it right next time.

Learning how to study effectively doesn’t only help you at school but also helps you as a person since it lessens the stress on the brain and lets you live life to the fullest. In studies and in real life, we don’t just need to work hard but we also need to work smart.

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