Learning is never easy when you don’t take so much time and effort to gain knowledge about the life, people, society and other aspects in life. But if you’re eager to know more about something then learning is attainable for those who seek it. As Professor Reynaldo Cuizon (2015) once said “There’s nothing wrong with how you view the world as long as you believe that nothing is impossible for acquiring new knowledge even in smallest things.”

Learning is the ultimate accomplishment of every human being. By saying so, learning is not just about being familiarized with the ideas, memorizing, and investing so much time on reading pile of books, forcing yourself to acquire chunks of knowledge in a short period of time just to aim an A+ mark. Rather, you have to experience and apply it to reality.

No human is incapable of learning; we all are capable of learning and by any means we can obtain new ideas in our daily basis. Learning is not limited in the four corners of your classroom, it goes in so many ways as to how we’ll be able to acquire it. Your quest for knowledge doesn’t have to end at the classroom door, or even after you got your degree. In many possible ways, try to educate more yourself about interesting things on your surroundings; perhaps engaging to any programs, volunteer projects and foundations that will benefit humanity.

Take English learning as an example; people often want to know the best language to learn to go ahead in life. Many think that learning English, the international language, is the best option. Well, in order to actually learn English, you have to like learning English and find something you like and then devote yourself to cultivating that motivation you have for learning.

These things don’t matter so much. Most people who use English as a Second Language (ESL) make mistakes. The important thing is to be able to communicate, because we live in an interconnected society today.

In our world now where technological advancement is an advantage, nothing is impossible to learn. As you grow, you’re most likely to get access to a broader range of information, connections and opportunities.

Whether you are in your respective profession, learning is always there, in the treasure chest, waiting to be unlocked by you. In a broader sense, we live because we want satisfaction that equates to countless needs but the thirst for new knowledge and the desire to achieve it is as worthy as having a piece of cake on your birthday.

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