Valentine’s Day in the Philippines was definitely a unique first experience for our Japanese students. This special day is celebrated quite differently by both countries.

The Philippines’s version of Valentine’s Day is almost identical to that of the West. Ornaments such as cutouts of cupid or hearts would often be hung in business establishment and even is classrooms. These ornaments are often red, the color of love. Women are usually the recipients of gifts, such as chocolates, stuffed animals, and flowers, often from their significant others of from their admirers.

On the other hand, in Japan women are expected to be the one’s giving away gifts on Valentine’s Day. On March, a month later, in a unique occasion called White Day (basically a Japanese version of Valentine’s Day), the men will then give a gift to the women they like.

Well this Valentine’s Day, our students joined the festival and gave away flowers and chocolates to their teachers and fellow classmates.

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