The growing integration of technology to learning has led to greater demand for the English Language Learning (ELL) market to cater.

Dominated by countries such as China and the US, the market is growing to the point of almost doubling its value by 2050 from its current 33.5B worth in 2018

With more and more Asian clients of all ages enrolling in online learning platforms because of English competence’s added competitive advantage for work and education, this steady growth is unsurprising.

The “Global English Language Learning Market Size 2018 By Application (Teens and Kids, Adults, Business, Education and Tests), By Type (Digital, Through Books, In-person) By Region and Forecast 2019 To 2025” study shows that 73% of the respondents believe that English learning shall become a necessity in the upcoming years. 65% and 54%, respectively, believe that English is essential for relationship building on international venues and that it is necessary to understand professional terminologies.

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