All classrooms are diverse. Students come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and ideals, and they all have their own special individual differences. This may come as a challenge to teachers and students alike. Teachers usually have to find classroom activities that will suit the needs of each student, and this is not an easy task, sometimes, it may even seem like an impossible Herculean task.

Well, in DLA, this isn’t a problem at all. We practice one-on-one teaching (unless students specifically ask for a group class of perhaps 2 to 3 other students) so teaching can be tweaked to suit individual needs. Some students prefer to learn visually, which means they learn through seeing or observing. Some learn best through auditory learning, which is learning through listening or hearing. Others learn kinaesthetically, which involves learning by doing or moving around. For visual and auditory learners, we use graphs and videos to help them learn English. We make them observe news reports and Ted talks suited to their level, and then have them take notes for the teacher-student discussion that will soon follow. For kinaesthetic learners, we have interactive discussion, games and role plays for them to learn new words and phrases and even grammatical structures. Last spring, our students enjoyed our charade and spelling games so much that they were practically begging us to have it every morning instead of the traditional classes!

Teaching is difficult, and so is learning, but there are always ways to overcome these difficulties that come along the way. All it takes is passion, compassion, and of course, CREATIVITY! Teaching can be fun, and so can learning. All it takes is patience, cooperation, and of course, LOVE FOR LEARNING. Come to Davao and come to DLA. We’ll make sure that every second you stay here is a second well spent!

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